The Mustard Seed Book Club was established in January 2021. It is design to reach the hearts of women in all walks of life. The Mustard Seed Book Club is much more than a book review. It is a life-altering connection with women, just like you. “Encouragement and Borrowed Strength” are the theme of every gathering. Our goal is to experience life together while unveiling life lessons learned. Come walk with us, hand-in-hand to victory.

The Mustard Seed Book Club is partnering with God Loves You Best “Connected” Book Club, and Lydia’s Retreat Center Café’ Online Book Club to promote an extensive stream of inspirational, educational, and motivational materials, which stimulate spiritual and physical growth


WELCOME! Revelations of Life await YOU! It’s a 9-month adventure. We will read, reflect, review, and discuss “LIFE” using the “No Scars Book and the newly released, “Walk-Through Journal”. Those who already have the book will need to purchase the “Walk-Through Journal”. Others will need to purchase the Book and the Journal. Hurry, June 18, 2021, the first discussion, is just around the corner.
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